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Communication with the Ernie's Plumbing
By registering with this site, you agree to Ernie's Plumbing contacting you about developments and news from Ernie's Plumbing, programs and new products. Ernie's Plumbing will contact you by email. If you do not wish to receive any of these communications, send an email to info@Ernie'

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Ernie's Plumbing will only use your email address for Ernie's Plumbing related communications. If you have any concerns about this please email info@Ernie'

Data Protection
Ernie's Plumbing endeavors to fully comply with all regulations in its handling of personal data. We aim to keep your data safely and securely and to use it only for stated purposes.
We do not sell or give your data to other organizations for marketing purposes. We may use your data to make you aware of similar services to those you may have used or inquired about. We will offer you the opportunity to decline such future contact.

Some data collected may be used for our own research purposes in anonymous and non-attributable form.

If you have any queries relating to data protection or the use of data by the Ernie's Plumbing, please email

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If you block the use of cookies you may find that some sections of the website will not operate correctly.

When you use the website, information about the IP address and browser that your computer is using will be made known to us. We may use such information to monitor how our websites are used, which pages are visited and how often visits are made.

Links to other Websites
This privacy policy only covers pages within the Ernie's Plumbing website. It does not extend to sites to which a link is provided from the Ernie's Plumbing site. Nor does it necessarily apply to subsidiary companies of Ernie's Plumbing unless their own site states that this is the case.