Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is "WorkerCheck"?

    WorkerCheck is a first-of-its-kind background screening program designed to afford today's homeowner an added measure of protection before jeopardizing the family's safety and security by opening the home to contractor personnel with unknown and potentially dangerous backgrounds. Contractors participating in the WorkerCheck program subject each of their employees to a rigorous background check before they are permitted on the job and in your home. Screened workers are ID badged.

    Can you tell me exactly how much this job will cost me?

    In our years of experience we have found that our customers prefer an accurate price based on their exact problem. While other companies may quote you an hourly rate that sounds cheap, the workers they send will come out intent on staying at your location as long as they can in order to make more money. Why? Because they are getting paid by the hour. So what's the rush? We don't think this is fair to you. By allowing us to send a plumber to your home he can then diagnose your problem in person. Only then will he and you know exactly what it will take to get the job done and the price to do it.

    Why can you not give pricing over the phone?

    We did at one time! However, we have found that many of our customers did not have all the information that was needed for us to aid them in making their best buying decisions. We would give them a price over the phone and then once our plumber arrived and was shown the actual problem, everything seemed to change from there. I am most certain that many of you have experienced that dilemma. Today with proper training our plumbers not only know our products well, they know how to service our customers and are very good at asking relevant questions that often help them see things that they had not thought of, thus at times saving them time and money. Our plumbers do this by helping our customers understand how our product and service may or may not fit with their situation and goals. The very best way indeed is for one of our plumbers to personally view and diagnose the problem in person and with that face-to-face meeting we can further reduce barriers thus making better pricing and communications possible. Would you ask your doctor or car mechanic to diagnose and quote price over the phone? Too many customers are focused on getting information in the context of their current understanding. What they forget is they don't necessarily have enough information to ask the right questions. The fact is that we are not focused on making the sale. Our goal is to be helpful, open, honest, friendly, and to acquire all the information we need to help you make a good buying decision. We're not just interested in helping you in the short-term. Were here to ensure that you will want to do business with us at some point in the future as well. We know that if we focus on our service and the long-term that we'll have more quality customers who will stay with us and who will tell others about us

    What kind of warranty or guarantee do you offer?

    CALL BACKS- Other plumbers have a "Concrete Guarantee"- when their truck leaves your concrete driveway their guarantee expires! Not with Ernie's Plumbing! With us you have a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.